Creech Landscape Dec 2019 Newsletter

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. The warm weather has accelrated the germination of poa annua. We are spraying Simazine and as the warm spring temperatures return we will begin to spray Revolver. Over the next two months, we will made pruning the crape myrtles, ornamental grasses, liropie, and roses. If there are shrubs you would like lowered or trees limbed up please let me know. The late winter and early spring is the idea time for planting. Late Feb we will begin scalping the warm season grasses. This is an excellent time to aerate.

In the winter, we can spray Horticultural Oil on your shrubs, which will reduce insects like aphids, white flies, and spider mites. We will be applying pre-emergence in Feb. Also, let me know if you would like your trees and shrubs fertilized. This needs to be done before the azaleas bloom. Also, this early spring is the time for grub treatment in the soil. This is very important to reduce the insects like the Japanese Beatle in the spring.

‘Bill Wallace’ Dwarf Loropetalum


Now is a good time to put down pine straw and mulch as Spring is just round the corner. Call me for any spring projects.

Those in gated neighborhoods make sure we are on your list with security.

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