Happy New Year! 2020

Creech Landscape would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We had a warm fall and December in Atlanta, which has accelerated the germination of poa annua. In January, you can start pruning your crape myrtles. We usually wait until after Christmas as customers may have put up Chistmas Lights. Also, you want a hard freeze so that the sap have been ran out of the branches. Large crape myrtles you should not prune, especially the Natchez. I recommend removing cross branches and cleaning up the tip. You can also cut back oranmental grasses and liropie. The easiest way to cut back the ornamental grasses is to use a string or rope, and tie up the blades. Then cut about 12 to 18 inches above the ground. For larger liropie beds use a push mower or trimmer. Spraying Simazine now will give an additional pre-emergent barrier for poa annua, as well as, kill any recently germinated poa annua. For visible poa annua, you can spray Transit-X and when temperature are into the 70’s you can spray Revolver.

I have been seeing several beautiful pansy beds. If you use blood meal a couple of times a month it will fertilize and keep the deer and rabbits away from your flowers. You need to start cutting back the crape myrtles, butterfly bushes, oranmental grasses, liropie, and roses for the winter. If there are shrubs you would like lowered or trees limbed up this is a good time as the plant is now dormant. The late winter and early spring is the idea time for planting, especially transplanting. You can spray Horticultural Oil on your shrubs, which will reduce insects like aphids, white flies, and spider mites.