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Do I need year around landscape maintenance in Atlanta?

Do you need to maintain your landscape year round? In Atlanta, Year around maintenance is very common and needed to keep a healthy landscape. While the frequency may change from weekly to a couple of times a month from November to March, there is imperative work that needs to occur to be ready for Spring. Here […]

Creech Landscape Atlanta Feb 2020

THINGS TO DO THIS FEBRUARY Those that have our Turf Program, we will be treating the turf with a pre-emergent at the end of Feb beginning of March to control the spring and summer weeds .  Those of you who have requested, we will be fertilizing the shrubs and trees and applying Horticultural Oil.  It […]

Happy New Year! 2020

Creech Landscape would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We had a warm fall and December in Atlanta, which has accelerated the germination of poa annua. In January, you can start pruning your crape myrtles. We usually wait until after Christmas as customers may have put up Chistmas Lights. Also, you want a […]

Creech Landscape Dec 2019 Newsletter

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. The warm weather has accelrated the germination of poa annua. We are spraying Simazine and as the warm spring temperatures return we will begin to spray Revolver. Over the next two months, we will made pruning the crape myrtles, ornamental grasses, liropie, and roses. If there are shrubs […]

What type of turfgrass do I need in Atlanta GA

A common question I get is “Why is my grass not performing?  What type of Grass do I need?”  In Metro Atlanta, GA, we have predominantly 5 types of turf grass in our landscape: Bermuda, Thin Blade Zyosia, Thick Blade Zyosia, Fescue, and Centidpede. We do see a little Saint Augustine in the southern suburbs. […]

Should I bag my grass clippings?

People ask me all the time, if they need to bag their grass clippings?  Do grass clippings increase thatch? If you cut your grass frequently, you should not bag your grass clippings.  Grass clippings decompose rapidly and deposit nitrogen back into the soil.  If you are removing your grass clippings, you are remove nitrogen and […]

How do I control Poa Annua in my Landscape Maintenance

How can you control Poa Annua (Annual Bluegrass) in my Landscape Maintenance? The most important treatment is the application of pre-emergence before we hit nighttime temperature at 70 degree or lower for three nights in a row. After that, Poa Annua will began to germinate. This will usually occur in Atlanta about mid September, maybe a […]

Does a reel mower make a difference?

A reel mower not only makes the grass look better, it is also healthier. A reel mower operates like a pair of scissors. Two blades come together to actually cut the blade of grass. A rotary mower actually rips thru the grass. With a reel mower, the cut is clean and straight. Thus, it heals […]

Why is snow removal important

Snow removal is important to a community because it is a safe way to ensure the community can function when mother nature is acting out. Snow removal on the highways and access ways are a few examples of important areas that need to be cleared to ensure a safe commute. When it snows people need […]