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Should I Bag My Grass Clippings?

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People ask me all the time, if they need to bag their grass clippings?  Do grass clippings increase thatch?

If you cut your grass frequently, you should not bag your grass clippings.  Grass clippings decompose rapidly and deposit nitrogen back into the soil.  If you are removing your grass clippings, you are remove nitrogen and will need to fertilize more often.

Grass clipping do not increase thatch.  Thatch is created by stems and roots growing vertically.  To reduce stem growth increase the frequency of your grass cutting.  Also, scalp warm season grasses like Bermuda and Zyosia in the early spring, and then aerate once turf is 50 % green.  This will greatly reduce the thatch.  Thatch is a main contributor to turf fungus.


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