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Fall Leaf Removal Services

Creech Landscape offers comprehensive leaf control services in Alpharetta and North Atlanta.  

Fall is a popular time of year in the Atlanta area. It offers a break from the summer heat. Moreover, the forests of the nearby North Georgia Mountains put on a fantastic display of color.   

However, that color means those changing leaves will soon be falling. For many homeowners, that presents a problem. Leaves falling around your property become yard waste that needs to be removed. 

Creech Landscape’s professional leaf removal services help keep your property looking its leaf-free best throughout the season.  

leaf removal with a professional blower

Why Fall Leaf Removal is Important

Crunching leaves are fun to walk in. They signify the changing season, which many people welcome after a long summer. Fallen leaves make us think of pumpkin patches and apple orchards, and hint of the holidays to come. When raked, both kids and pets enjoy jumping into a big pile.   

However, allowing dead leaves to accumulate on your lawn can lead to several problems. 

Fallen Leaves Hinder Water Evaporation

The hard Georgia clay in our area causes water to sit on top of the soil after a hard rain. This water typically drains to low points, where it evaporates. However, leaf clutter prevents this evaporation from taking place. 

That’s because fallen leaves trap moisture between their bottom surface and your grass. That moisture promotes the development of mold. Mold is harmful not only to your lawn, but also to human health.  

Leaves on the Lawn Trap Moisture

The collection of wet leaves can further become a breeding ground for other fungi. These fungi include brown patch, fairy ring, and slime molds.  

In addition to lawn problems, slime mold spores move easily, and can land on nearby vegetation. When they grow on leaf surfaces, they can block sunlight. This leads to leaf yellowing and unhealthy plants.  

Leaf Cover Can Harbor Pests

Dead leaves provide a favorable habitat for termites, roaches, spiders, and ticks. They also harbor stinging insects like yellowjackets. These pests can make your outdoor space less pleasant and usable. They also contribute to property destruction. 

Additionally, they may cause health problems. Many pests are small enough to be overlooked, and adapted to blend into the colors of decaying leaves. A wood scorpion sting is painful and a bite from a brown recluse spider can pose a significant risk.   

Leaves Smother Your Grass

The buildup of dead leaves can inhibit the absorption of nutrients, water, and fertilizer. This effectively starves your grass.  

Turf deprived of proper nutrition results in weak growth and lower resiliency. Weak grass is less able to fight off diseases and pests, contributing to more problems in the future.  

Leaf Cover Prevents Photosynthesis

Leaf cover also blocks sunlight from reaching your turf, preventing photosynthesis. That means it can’t take in carbon dioxide, or release oxygen.  

Lawns aren’t usually thought of as essential to the environment. However, healthy lawns are quite efficient at oxygen production. They also help rid the air of pollutants and impurities. That’s another reason it’s important to keep your grass leaf free with Creech leaf control.  

Fallen Leaves Can Cause Safety Issues

“Slippery When Wet” is a precaution often seen on road signs. However, it’s true of your landscape, too. Since leaves trap and hold onto moisture, that makes them slippery.  

When they build up on your lawn, walkways, stairs and other hardscapes, they’re an accident waiting to happen. To keep residents and visitors safe, it’s essential to remove wet leaves before they cause harm. 

fall leaf removal service

Leave the Leaves to a Professional

Lawn maintenance consumes a lot of time, especially in the fall. Raking leaves and mulching or disposing of them can take up most of your weekend.   

You also need the proper leaf control equipment to get the job done right. A leaf rake is easy enough, but leaf blowers and leaf vacuums increase the average cost. 

Additionally, tackling piles of leaves increases the likelihood of encountering rodents, snakes, stinging insects or other pests. All things considered; leaf control can be a really unpleasant aspect of home ownership.   

That’s where professional leaf removal companies such as Creech Landscape come in.  

Our standard lawn services include removing all leaves from turf and hard surfaces on a regular basis. This helps you stay ahead of the leaf problem.   

However, simple leaf blowing may not be enough. Properties with extensive tree cover require additional leaf cleaning services. For those properties, we offer extra visits during the fall.  

The Creech Landscape Difference

The landscape experts at Creech Landscape understand that your time is valuable. We have the equipment, the know-how and the experience to get the job done right.   

For more information, or to schedule leaf removal service,

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