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Sod Installation for a Beautiful Lawn

Creech Landscape offers comprehensive sod installation services in North Atlanta. Everyone admires a beautiful lawn. Most of us are familiar with that one house in the neighborhood with lush green grass. But how did they get it to look so immaculate? Chances are, they installed sod. There are several different ways to establish a lawn, including seeding and sprigging. However, sod installation is the best method for reliable and efficient lawn creation. Sod is pre-grown. That means it has already established a root system. It comes primed to dig into the soil for optimal moisture and nutrient uptake.

At Creech Landscape, we build your lawn from the ground up. That means we not only install sod, but we help your grass get off to the healthiest start possible. We can help you get great grass, fast.

Benefits of Installing a Sod Lawn

Do you have new construction? A lawn with bare patches that need to be replaced? Sod has a number of advantages over other grass planting methods:

Sod installation is the easiest way to establish a lawn. Seeding or sprigging can take up to 18 months to mature into a dense and attractive yard. However, sod creates a lawn in less than 24 hours. The “patchwork” effect from installing sod pieces usually disappears within a couple of weeks. With proper care, your grass can be ready for heavy activity around three weeks after installation.

Seeding requires near-constant watering for multiple weeks in order to ensure germination. On the other hand, sod is watered twice per day for the first few weeks under normal conditions. Your sod’s root system should be established several weeks after installation. at that time, you can switch to thorough but less frequent watering.

Seeding and sprigging can leave bare spots in your lawn. This is due to seeds that fail to germinate or sprigs that fail to take off. Sod grass is already fully mature. By laying the pieces closely together, sod create a full, dense, “instant” lawn.

Sod grass is already established, giving your landscape immediate coverage. That means you’re less likely to lose soil to both dust and water erosion. Additionally, sod works well on steep grades and slopes. This promotes soil stability and helps absorb water runoff.

Man installing sod

Sod Varieties

Sod farms are abundant in Georgia, producing a number of grass types. When choosing a sod variety, it’s important to consider growing conditions in your landscape.


Bermuda is a warm season grass that loves heat and plenty of sunshine. That makes it an ideal choice for many southern landscapes. However, if your yard is wooded, bermudagrass may not be the best choice. Homeowners should also be aware that bermudagrass goes dormant in the winter months, turning dry and brown.


Zoysia prefers sun, but will tolerate some shade. A hearty, thick-bladed grass, zoysia grows well in both heat and cooler temperatures. It also holds up to both drought and heavy foot traffic. Zoysia is denser than bermudagrass, softer underfoot, and usually more expensive.


Fescue is a cool season grass that stays green throughout winter. It grows more quickly than other sod varieties, but also requires more frequent watering and mowing. This grass type also grows well in filtered sunlight/light shade.

The Sod Installation Process

At Creech Landscape, we don’t just install sod. We grade, remove rocks, and amend the Georgia red clay before rolls of sod are brought to your property. We want to ensure your lawn gets off to the best start possible.

Sod Care

Once sod installation on your lawn area is complete, care is important. Turf grass is a living plant that requires nutrients from the soil and adequate water to survive. You should plan to water daily for the first few weeks. Water until the ground is saturated, but avoid puddling. Following that, taper off to encourage the roots of your new lawn to sink deeper into the soil. We recommend watering in the morning, when less moisture is lost to evaporation. It also helps to avoid disease and fungus caused by standing water overnight. It’s also important to avoid walking on the sod until it has a chance to get established, usually 2-3 weeks.

The Creech Landscape Difference

With Creech Landscape, you can achieve the lawn of your dreams. Even better, we’ll do the hard work for you. From residential projects to large commercial properties, we have you — and your lawn — covered.

For questions about what type of sod is right for your landscape, or to schedule installation, contact Creech Landscape 770.988.4635.

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