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Retaining Wall Design and Installation

One of the most functional and important hardscape elements is the retaining wall. Creech Landscape installs top-quality retaining walls and hardscapes in Alpharetta and North Atlanta.  

Living in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, most metro Atlanta residents are familiar with uneven terrain. Sloping properties can present several difficulties for homeowners. These include drainage issues, erosion, and limited usability.   

Proper grading and landscape design help alleviate these problems. This is true of both hardscapes and softscapes. Choosing the correct plants is essential. However, hardscapes can have even more impact for usability. 

Our retaining walls are built with the proper reinforcement for strength and stability. This ensures that your hardscape elements remain beautiful and functional for years to come.  

Retaining wall with flowers and stairs

Benefits Of Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that acts as a bulwark. They hold back or retain the earth materials behind them. Consequently, their usage has several important benefits in landscape design.

Retaining Wall Drainage

When water accumulates behind a retaining wall, it exerts pressure on the wall. Subsequently, this can eventually lead to structural damage. To avoid this, we recommend drainage pipes or regularly spaced weep holes. These allow water to escape from behind the wall in a controlled and managed fashion. 

Curved retaining wall with bushes
Retaining wall front of house

Retaining Wall Blocks and Materials

A number of hardscape materials make suitable choices for retaining walls, depending upon your design, your aesthetic and your budget.

Concrete blocks are one of the most popular choices for landscape walls due to their ability to create curves. A block retaining wall should only be used for projects less than four feet high.

This material has the benefit of both strength and design flexibility. A concrete retaining wall works especially well for modern aesthetics.

Brick blends well with classic architectural designs. Strong and durable, it’s a traditional favorite in the Atlanta area.

 The most natural material available, stone is either grouted together or stacked dry. Stone retaining walls function well in rustic or wooded settings.

Treated wood is an economical choice that blends well with most landscapes. In addition to timbers, post and wooden panel retaining walls work for smaller projects such as raised beds.

Retaining walls done the right way.

Our crews are experts at installing hardscapes. We deliver unmatched results, every time. If you have questions about installing a retaining wall on your property, contact Creech Landscape to schedule a consultation.
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