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Landscape Lighting to Brighten Your Outdoor Living Space

Landscape lighting is one of the most popular trends of modern landscape design. It’s come a long way from the days when a single lamp post provided the only illumination around most homes. Today, your home’s outdoor living area is just as important as the interior. It’s a place for relaxing, dining, entertaining, and making memories.

You put a lot of effort into making that outdoor living area a showplace, so you want it to be seen. Further, you’re looking for ways to make your exterior space more usable. Or perhaps you’d like to improve safety and security around your property. Landscape lighting makes your property safer, more functional, and attractive.

Whether your objectives are security conscious or purely cosmetic, Creech Landscape can help. We offer custom outdoor landscape lighting design that fits your lifestyle and your needs.

backyard flowerbed with landscape lighting

The Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Lights

Adding lights to your outdoor areas is one of the best ways to enhance your property. It can elevate your outdoor living in the following ways:

Certainly, the most obvious benefit of outdoor landscape lighting is enhanced safety. Well-lit pathways, patios, and other outdoor areas of your home or business make navigation easier. They help reduce the risk of residents, guests, or customers slipping and falling in the dark.

Outdoor landscape lighting also acts as a deterrent to trespassers and potential burglars. A brightly lit property is more visible to passers-by and neighbors. This makes it less favorable as a target.

Outdoor landscape lighting is a great way to both highlight and improve the exterior beauty of your home. Light also exudes warmth, making family, friends and neighbors feel welcome. Additionally, it lures insects away from porches, helping keep those areas cleaner and more attractive.

Fountains, pergolas, and specimen trees are added to landscapes above all to enhance their visual beauty. Landscape lighting showcases your favorite outdoor features, even at night.

In warmer climates like the Atlanta area, homeowners seek to use their outdoor living spaces throughout most of the year. Lighting helps make those outdoor spaces more comfortable and livable late into the night.

Outdoor landscape lighting is increasingly in demand for residential properties. 90% of current potential home buyers rate outdoor lighting systems as either desirable or essential. Consequently, studies show these systems can raise your home value by up to 20%.

Custom Landscape Lighting Plans

If you’re considering installing landscape lights, an internet search can lead to confusion. Should you use solar or led lights? What’s the correct number of lights to install? And how do you make everything look cohesive? That’s why you need a plan.

An outdoor lighting plan should include multiple light sources that work together, functionally and aesthetically. Effective landscape lighting enhances the overall ambience of a property. It also improves safety and security, and extends your outdoor living. To achieve that, you have to know which types of landscape lighting fixtures to choose. Even more important, you need to know where and how to install them.

The knowledgeable professionals at Creech Landscape offer expert, custom plans that meet your needs and beautify your property. Regardless of your outdoor lighting project size, we can help. We have the experience and know-how to provide aesthetically pleasing and security conscious designs that work for you.

Ready to light up the night?

Whatever your outdoor lighting needs, Creech Landscape has the solution. Contact us for a free estimate or to schedule outdoor landscape lighting installation.

Types of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Pathway Lighting

One of the most popular requests for outdoor lighting installation, pathways and sidewalks are essential features of your home or business. Custom path lights help prevent falls and other accidents. Not only are pathway lights functionally important, they also add aesthetic enhancement to your property.

Paver Lights

A form of pathway lighting, paver lights are built into walkways rather than placed alongside them. Integrated hardscape lights create a modern, dramatic aesthetic while improving visibility and safety.

Deck & Patio Lighting

The Atlanta area’s mild climate encourages outdoor living. A custom lighting system extends the time you can spend on your patio or deck well into the night. If the space includes steps or stairs, adding lighting also improves safety.

Perimeter Lighting

Perimeter lighting helps define your property, adding visibility and beauty to your nighttime landscape. Additionally, it enhances security by getting rid of dark corners that would offer concealment to trespassers.

String Lighting

Whether it’s a restaurant patio or your own backyard, string lights add a touch of magic to every gathering space. With decorative light bulbs available in a variety of color temperatures, you can instantly create a festive atmosphere.

Feature Spotlight

Some aspects of your landscape are so spectacular that they deserve their own spotlight. Specimen trees, statuary, flagpoles, and gazebos are just a few of the features that can be enhanced by outdoor lighting.

Up Light

Similarly, up lights illuminate specific parts of your home’s exterior. Porch columns or other distinct architectural features are popular choices. Up lights create a dramatic effect, drawing the eye to notable aspects of your property.

Down Lights

Whereas up lighting creates drama, down lights exude warmth. Downlighting subtly emphasizes textures with a welcoming glow. Moonlighting is a form of downlighting placed high in treetops to mimic the light of the moon.

Flood Lights

In contrast to feature lights, flood lights cast light over a wide area. Featuring a wide beam, they work well for retaining walls, business signs, facades, and tree lines.

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