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Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits, and Fire Features

Creech Landscape offers custom outdoor fireplace, outdoor fire pit, and outdoor fire feature design and installation in North Atlanta. When it comes to ambiance, almost nothing surpasses a fire. Whether it’s an elegant fireplace or a cozy backyard firepit, the warm glow of flickering flames is a natural draw. For homeowners who are looking to upgrade their landscape, the addition of an outdoor fire feature is a popular choice.

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Choices for Outdoor Fire Elements In Your Landscape

Outdoor Fireplace

Fireplaces are timeless design elements. When it comes to outdoor fireplace ideas, our certified professionals can fulfill almost any aesthetic. From traditional to modern, we’ll design a fireplace to suit your vision. The custom nature of our work allows us to create an outdoor living space that is certain to enhance your lifestyle.

Outdoor fireplaces can be constructed from stone, brick, or stucco. Additionally, there are multiple options for fuel sources. Depending upon your site and local codes and regulations, outdoor fireplaces can be fueled by propane, natural gas or wood.

Fire Pit

When it comes to a cozy backyard, firepits are one of the best ways to create ambiance. They provide a great focal point for friends and family.

The casual nature of a backyard firepit allows for even more design flexibility. The types of firepits are almost endless. These include stove fire pits, and smokeless fire pits. They can be constructed from stone, brick, tile, stainless steel, or almost any fireproof material.

Similarly, there is a wide variety of fuel sources available. Wood burning fire pits, propane fire pits, gel fuel firepits, and gas fire pits are popular choices. You can add extra flair to propane and gas firepits with fire pit accessories like fire glass or fire rock.

Whether you prefer a simple accent or a backyard centerpiece, our designers can create the perfect firepit for your lifestyle.

Fire Feature

Creech Landscape also offers other types of outdoor fire features. These include outdoor fire pit tables, fire tables and fire bowls. These options are a great way to enhance your patio or outdoor living area when space is an issue.

Moreover, outdoor fire features are a more durable, built-in alternative to things like tiki torches and portable fire pits. By utilizing a hidden propane tank, they can maintain a steady flame throughout the evening.

They’re also useful when you prefer fire as an occasional accent feature, rather than a focal point.

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Fire Pit
Fire Feature

Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces and Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits offer numerous advantages. These include:

The Atlanta area is fortunate to enjoy warm weather for much of the year. An increasing number of homeowners are taking advantage of the mild climate by upgrading their outdoor living spaces. One of the best ways to do this is by installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Outdoor entertaining can be essential to a great summer. Adding a backyard focal point makes entertaining a breeze. Both fireplaces and fire pits act as a natural gathering spot.

Fire features help define your outdoor space, create ambiance, and provide heat. They’re a cozy place to dine, enjoy a glass of wine, or even roast hotdogs.

Combined with seating arrangements, they create an outdoor living room. Grab your guitar, gaze at the stars, or tell spooky stories. If you have limited indoor space, outdoor firepits and fireplaces are a great alternative to traditional entertaining.

Home improvement projects should be undertaken to increase homeowner enjoyment. However, they can also provide added value to your property. A well-designed outdoor living space can increase a home’s value by 20%.

Outdoor fire features are both functional and attractive. That makes them an excellent addition to your hardscape design.

According to Realm, which provides ROI estimates for homeowners, outdoor fire features offer an astounding 500% return on investment on average. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space and add value to your property.

Choosing an Outdoor Fireplace, Fire Pit, or Fire Feature

Several factors should be taken into consideration when deciding whether an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or fire feature is right for you.

What Does Your Location Look Like?

Deciding where to install your outdoor fire feature depends on several factors. These include available space, how you intend to use it, preferred style, local codes, and access to utilities where applicable.

In more confined spaces, outdoor fire features such as fire bowls might be the best option. If you’re looking to create additional privacy, the bulkier nature of an outdoor fireplace may best suit your needs. Fire pits can take almost any form, but they often require room to walk or sit on all sides.

What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Prefer?

If you enjoy campfires and casual entertaining, an outdoor firepit might suit you best. However, if you prefer slightly more sophisticated evenings, you may prefer an outdoor fireplace.

As an alternative, consider a structural high-top table with a central fire feature for enjoying tapas and wine. Linear tabletop fire features can add both aesthetic enhancement and functionality to your outdoor living space. A mixture of fire and water features is also possible.

How you plan to use your fire feature  is just as important as where to put it.

How Much Maintenance?

Each outdoor fire feature type comes with the option of natural gas/propane or more traditional wood-burning.

Wood-burning fire features involve fire-tending, ash removal, and periodic cleaning. Gas/propane fire features make it easier to maintain a manageable flame. However, they do require keeping the burners, vents and drains clear of debris.

Additionally, both require a drainage system to avoid rainwater buildup.

Ready to install your own custom outdoor fireplace or fire pit?

Creech Landscape installs custom outdoor fireplaces or fire pits that fits not only your needs, but also your aesthetic. Whether you prefer a rustic outdoorsy feel or a more sophisticated look, we will incorporate your preferences into the design. We work with natural stone, brick, and stucco to bring you a wide range of individualized choices.

Contact Creech Landscape to get started.

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