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Turfgrass Management & Pest Control

Creech Landscape offers expert lawn pest control and turfgrass management in Alpharetta and North Georgia. 

Everyone loves a lush, green lawn. But keeping your turf looking its best isn’t always easy. Without proper treatment, weeds can pop up like… well, weeds. Fungus and other diseases can turn your grass yellow or brown, or even kill it outright.   

Additionally, there are plenty of pests that view it as a tasty treat. A pest infestation can leave unsightly bare spots. Some lawn pests are capable of even greater devastation.   

At Creech Landscape, we understand that the health and appearance of your lawn is important. That’s why we developed our pest and turf management program.   

What Is Turfgrass?

Turfgrass is often used on golf courses, high school athletic fields and other sports turf. Additionally, it’s favored by country clubs and any landscape that requires carefully manicured grasses.  

It’s also the most common type of lawn in the Greater Atlanta area. Consisting mostly of warm season grasses like bermudagrass, centipede and zoysia, these lawns thrive in our hot, humid climate. They’re also designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and frequent mowing.  

While these qualities make them an ideal choice for southern landscapes, they also require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best.   

Creech Landscape’s turfgrass management program ensures your lawn stays lush and green, as well as weed, disease and pest free. We worry about your turf’s health so that you don’t have to.  

turf grass

Turfgrass Lawn Fertilization

Nourishment is an important part of healthy growth, and your turf is no different. Fertilizer helps give your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive.   

Creech Landscape uses both granular and liquid fertilizers. Our turf management specialists will be happy to talk with you about which treatment might be best for your lawn.   

Soil science is an essential part of turfgrass management. The hard clay in most of Georgia can be deficient in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Turf grasses require these essential elements in order to maintain optimum health and appearance.  

A simple soil test can determine your soil’s pH and nutrient content, as well as identify any toxic contaminants that might be present.   

The lawn care experts at Creech Landscape can then create a custom fertilizer blend tailored to the needs of your individual property. Depending upon the type of turf, we then implement a fertilizing schedule that covers early spring through late fall. This program feeds, nourishes and beautifies your lawn throughout the growing season.   

Lawn Disease Control

Like any living thing, your turfgrass is subject to sickness and disease. Unfortunately, there are numerous regionalized landscape diseases that affect lawns here in Georgia. Some of the most common include:     

lawn dead spots

These diseases prey on turfgrasses that have been over-or underwatered, as well as those where a fertilizer program has been absent or inconsistent. Corrective measures can be taken once a disease is identified, but the best treatment is prevention.   

Creech Landscape’s disease control protocol ensures proper irrigation, drainage, fertilization and treatment to keep your grass healthy.    

Turfgrass Lawn Pest Control

Armyworms, grubs, cutworms, and chinch bugs are all hungry. Sadly, their favorite place to feast is your lawn.   

Insects like grubs and mole crickets feed below ground, damaging roots. Chinch bugs extract sap while injecting a toxin, weakening plant tissue until it yellows and dies.   

Cutworms and army worms chew foliage, leaving noticeable bare spots and patches. In fact, a large enough army worm infestation can defoliate an entire lawn within a few short days.   

Our turfgrass pest control services help prevent lawn damage by deploying insecticide at the earliest signs of trouble. We work to keep your turf bug-free all year long.   


caterpillar on a leaf

Lawn Weed Control

Weeds seem able to grow under almost any condition. As a result, keeping them out of your lawn and landscape is a constant battle.   

Creech Landscape’s turfgrass weed control program helps stop weeds before they start with an application of pre-emergent. This herbicide prevents root growth, keeping weeds in check for 3-5 months.   

Once weeds inevitably start to appear, a post-emergent herbicide can be applied. Unlike many lawncare companies, our maintenance crews carry herbicide on their vehicles so they can spot-treat any problem areas at each visit.  

The Creech Landscape Difference

We offer superior turf management services in Alpharetta, Cumming, John’s Creek, Milton and all of North Metro Atlanta. Contact us for a free estimate or to schedule service.

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