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Hedge Trimming and Tree Pruning Services

Creech Landscape offers a comprehensive hedge trimming and tree pruning service in Alpharetta and North Atlanta.  

As with all living things, plants grow. Sometimes, that growth can become excessive. When shrubs and trees are overgrown, dense branches can make it difficult for light and air to penetrate. This can lead to failure to thrive and even disease. 

Overgrown vegetation also detracts from the appearance of your home or business. Tall hedges can block windows or crowd walkways. That’s why trimming and pruning are important parts of maintaining a beautiful and usable outdoor environment.  

The certified arborists at Creech Landscape understand proper horticultural practices. Effective tree care involves an understanding of how trees grow. This includes when and where to prune your shrubs, small trees, and formal hedges. 

Using a professional landscaping service helps keep your softscape installations healthy and your property looking its very best.  

tree pruning service

Plant Growth Regulator

Creech Landscape’s hedge trimming and tree pruning services includes the use of a plant growth regulator (PGR.) These compounds contain both naturally occurring hormones and synthetic substances to modify plant growth.  

Many southern landscape plants require frequent pruning or trimming to keep their preferred shape. PGRs can help your manicured flowering shrubs and evergreen hedges maintain that shape. They achieve this by suppressing shoot growth.  

Some PGRs work to increase side branching while keeping overall height in check. This can help shrubs appear fuller while reducing their pruning needs. 

Additionally, PGRs increase return blooming and enhance a plant’s ability to tolerate environmental stress.  

By slowing or otherwise altering growth patterns, PGRs also allow longer periods between service visits. This reduces disruption to your household as well as cutting costs.       

Benefits Of Pruning

Pruning is a method of cutting certain branches of shrubs and trees in order to maintain a specific shape. It also helps remove disease and prevent overgrowth. Our shrub trimming and tree pruning services helps your plants thrive and remain attractive.  

It also protects your property from potential damage. Unchecked disease can lead to dead tree branches and limbs. These can break off and fall onto cars, outdoor structures, or even people.  

Removing dead or diseased branches from large shrubs and trees allows for new, healthier growth. It deters pests that feed on rotting wood.  

Additionally, pruning encourages bloom production. This helps create a more beautiful landscape.    

tree pruning service

Types of Pruning

Depending upon your intended purpose, it’s important to choose the right pruning method to get the desired results.

When to Prune

Knowing the best time to prune can be just as important as knowing where to make the cuts. Some plants thrive with winter pruning.  

After the summer growing season is complete, most plants go into a period of growth dormancy. Pruning during dormancy helps increase light and air penetration. It also encourages new growth in the spring.  

Fruit trees benefit from winter or early spring pruning. However, it’s critical to avoid cutting off fruit spurs. These short stems will produce fruit in the summer.  

Some plants should only be trimmed in the late summer or early fall, immediately after flowering has stopped. If you prune in the winter or spring, you risk cutting off new flower buds.  

It is important to prune when buds for future flowers have been set. For example, azaleas set buds in September, while gardenias, hydrangeas and camellias set theirs in August.      

Hard or reduction pruning is best undertaken in late winter in the Atlanta area. Waiting until March helps avoid frost damage. It also encourages new growth that should be abundant by mid-summer.  

Sound confusing? It can be. Improper pruning can reduce flowers, leave foliage gaps and uneven branches. It can even harm or kill plants.  

We Can Help.

The Creech Landscape Difference

To avoid unsightly and sometimes costly landscape maintenance mistakes, it’s important to consult a professional like the experts at Creech Landscape. We’ll make sure that your pruning needs are taken care of in accordance of proper horticultural practices. We’re dedicated to helping you create a beautiful outdoor environment in every season.

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