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Tree Planting and Shrub Installation Services

Tree planting and shrub installation is an important part of creating a vibrant landscape.  

Colorful annual and perennial flowers sometimes steal the show. However, trees and shrubs play an important role in your North Atlanta landscape. From privacy to shade to aesthetic enhancement, trees and shrubs bring beauty and function to your yard.  

The knowledgeable and experienced horticulturalists at Creech Landscape can help you determine the best planting site. They can also select the type of trees best suited to your landscape.   

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Benefits of Adding Trees to Your Landscape

Adding trees to your yard can enhance your landscape and your lifestyle in several ways:


We’ve all experienced the heat of an Atlanta summer. Tree planting can help make your outdoor living area more comfortable and usable for both people and pets. The added shade will also help protect more delicate plantings that don’t tolerate direct sun.  

Reduced Cooling Costs

Trees planted near your home or business can save you money. The shade they provide can lower your energy bill by as much as 20% in the summer.  

Noise Reduction

If you live in an active subdivision or near a busy highway, trees are a great way to reduce sound pollution. For example, trees intercept sound waves via absorption, deflection, or refraction. This helps create a more peaceful environment.  

Cleaner Air

Trees breathe in pollutants like carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, acting as a natural air filter. Consequently, one of the best methods to combat pollution is to plant trees and shrubs.


Fruit trees such as apple, pear, and peach offer all of the previous benefits. They also provide you with delicious home-grown treats.   

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Benefits of Adding Shrubs to Your Landscape

Similarly, shrubs play several important roles in your landscape:

Shrubs are an effective way to control erosion. Poorly designed or nonexistent drainage systems can lead to excessive water runoff. Consequently, soil erosion occurs. Slope-friendly shrubs like creeping juniper have extensive root systems that absorb water. Further, they help hold the soil in place.  

Like trees, shrubs freshen the air around us by helping to filter carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Moreover, some flowering shrubs perfume the air with a sweet, pleasing scent. 

If you’re environmentally conscious, you know that development often displaces many wildlife species. Adding shrubbery to your landscape allows places for birds to nest. It also provides safety to small animals such as rabbits trying to escape from larger predators.  

Shrubs can act as living fences. They establish borders and create a solid visual wall. This provides privacy from the road and also from neighboring properties.  

Shrubs provide texture, visual weight, and color to your landscape. Flowering varieties such as hydrangea and gardenia can also provide beauty and scent – particularly pleasant when used near porches or patios.

Tree and Shrub Care

Adding trees and shrubs to your landscape offers many benefits, but their needs don’t stop after installation. Like all living things, they need adequate care in order to thrive.  

Creech Landscape goes beyond tree planting and shrub installation services. We offer ongoing maintenance that includes feeding, pruning, and monitoring for signs of disease or infestation that require treatment.  

Our experienced crews are trained in the proper maintenance techniques for all popular regional tree and shrub species. Using the right product in the proper amount and at the right time helps ensure optimal outcomes for each plant.   

The Creech Landscape Difference

Let us make your yard the envy of your neighborhood. To schedule tree planting and shrub installation services from your trusted North Atlanta landscape source, contact Creech Landscape. 

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