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Irrigation System Design and Installation

Creech Landscape offers both residential and commercial irrigation system design, installation and maintenance in Alpharetta and North Atlanta. 

People relocate to the Atlanta area in no small part due to the mild climate. However, mild winters often mean hot summers that can stress your lawn and landscaping. Without regular and adequate rainfall, grass and plants can suffer.   

As North Georgia natives, the professionals at Creech Landscape know the ups and downs of our local climate. We understand that a properly functioning irrigation system is an important part of maintaining a healthy landscape. That’s why we offer irrigation design, installation, and custom maintenance services tailored to your property’s needs. 

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Benefits of Irrigation Systems

An automatic irrigation system helps maintain a healthy and beautiful yard, but it also has several other important benefits.

Irrigation System Design

Every homeowner is unique, and so is every property. That’s why the landscape specialists at Creech Landscape take a personal approach to irrigation system installation. Our in-house designers will work with you to create an effective and economical solution for your landscape irrigation needs.   

Elevation changes, drainage, sun versus shade, and usage habits are all taken into account. Our goal is to maximize hydration while minimizing disruption, waste, and cost. You can trust that we will design an irrigation system that is optimal for your property.  

Irrigation System Installation

At Creech Landscape, we design and install irrigation systems with maximum efficiency in mind. Our lawn sprinklers are installed with head-to-head coverage. That means each blade of grass in your lawn will receive adequate hydration. This helps eliminate unsightly brown or bare patches.   

We also install drip irrigation for your landscape beds. As the name implies, a drip system delivers drips of water. The water goes exactly where it’s most beneficial – right next to the root systems of your plants and shrubs.  

Not only does this method conserve water, it also encourages strong root growth. Further, it reduces weeds and helps prevent fungus and other leaf diseases.   

Irrigation System Maintenance

Even the best quality irrigation system can malfunction or require repairs over time. Common issues can include:

These are just a few of the things that can cause too much or too little water to be delivered. If left unaddressed, the health and beauty of your lawn or garden can decline.   

The irrigation professionals at Creech Landscape can repair your existing system. Or, we will be happy to help you upgrade to a more efficient design.   

Irrigation System Upgrades

A smart irrigation system might be right for you if you’re frequently away from home. Or, if you simply don’t have time to monitor potential issues. Creech Landscape recommends Hydrawise 

This Wi-Fi-based system adjusts watering schedules based on weather forecasts. It also instantly alerts your landscape service provider of any malfunction.   

Hydrawise helps avoid costly visits by allowing remote monitoring. That means we perform management services, change watering schedules, or identify problems before too much damage is done.   

The Creech Landscape Difference

Ready to get started? Contact Creech Landscape for all of your metro Atlanta irrigation needs.

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