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Mulch & Pine Straw Installation

Creech Landscape offers comprehensive mulch and pine straw installation services in Alpharetta and North Atlanta.

When it comes to enhancing your landscape, mulch installation plays a significant role. From soil improvement to creating a well-maintained appearance.  

At Creech Landscape, we understand how important mulch can be to the aesthetic and overall health of your gardens and landscaped areas. We deliver and install mulch all over the North Atlanta area.  

mulch and pine straw installation Landscape design with walkway, trees and plants

Benefits of Mulch Installation

Mulch provides a number of benefits for your landscaping. These include:

Mulch helps your property shine by creating a uniform, well-kept look and adding pops of color.    

Our natural wood-based mulches break down over time, adding nutrient-rich organic material to the soil.

Mulch retains water. This helps prevent your plants and soil from drying out quickly in the southern heat.  

Mulch acts as an insulator. It protects tender roots from temperature extremes in both summer and winter.

A thick layer of mulch helps prevents weeds from sprouting. Weeds are unsightly and compete with your ornamental plants for soil nutrients.  

What is the Best Mulch to Use in Georgia?

There are numerous types of mulch available. These include various types of wood chips such as shredded hardwood, cedar, cypress, and pine nuggets. Recycled rubber and and even rocks can be used as wood chip alternatives. All of them have pros and cons.   

Rocks rarely need replacing, but they heat up in our hot Atlanta summers. This can turn your garden into a sauna.  

Cedar repels bugs but it also absorbs and retains moisture, making it difficult for surrounding plants to get enough water. Bark nuggets last longer than many ground mulches, but they can also float away in heavy rains.  

Rubber mulch is an inorganic mulch. That means it’s both long-lasting and inhibits fungus and mold. However, it doesn’t add any beneficial nutrients to your soil.  

At Creech Landscape, we prefer premium triple ground hardwood mulch, which is organic. Triple ground mulch features a finer shred. That means that it incorporates into your garden beds more quickly than other varieties. As it breaks down, it enriches the soil with nutrients that are beneficial to growing plants.   

mulch and pine straw installation

The Benefits of Pine Straw - An Alternative to Mulch

As an alternative to mulch, some people prefer to use pine straw/pine needles as a landscape groundcover. Pine straw is native to and widely available in the South. The reddish-brown needles add a natural and aesthetically pleasing touch to North Georgia gardens.   

Like traditional wood bark mulch, pine straw deters weeds and protects plants while adding texture and color. It also decomposes slowly, encouraging uniform plant growth by adding a steady supply of organic matter.   

Another benefit to pine straw is that it holds together during heavy rain, making it suitable for sloping landscapes. Creech Landscape uses quality bales of long needle pine straw, which lasts longer and retains more color than other varieties.     

How Often Should Mulch or Pine Straw Be Replaced?

Mulch replenishment needs vary due to activity, weather conditions, and mulch type. As a general rule, we recommend a full mulch installation in the winter months. Following that, a touch-up should be applied in the summer.   

Pine straw generally requires two full applications – spring and fall – in order to maintain its appearance and protection.   

Mulch is measured in cubic yards, whereas pine straw is usually calculated in cubic feet. Our experienced crew will measure your space before spreading the mulch to ensure a sufficient application. 

It’s important to keep up a protective layer to prevent soil erosion and ensure your plants stay healthy. If you live in a neighborhood, it also helps prevent you from running afoul of your HOA.   Contact Creech Landscape for your mulch and pine straw installation services.

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Results.

Ready to add curb appeal and protection to your landscape? Contact Creech Landscape for comprehensive mulch delivery and mulch installation services. 

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