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Tree Removal Services

Creech Landscape offer licensed and insured tree removal services in Alpharetta and North Atlanta.  

Most property owners in the Atlanta area understand the value of trees. They provide shade to help protect against the heat of a Georgia summer. Trees clean the air. They also add beauty to the landscape.   

But sometimes trees need to be removed for the sake of safety, or to make way for new construction. Creech Landscape offers a full range of tree removal services to meet your landscaping needs.    

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Tree Branch Removal

Most homeowners prize the mature trees on their property. But sometimes larger limbs and branches can become a problem. Disease, lightning strikes, storms, and other factors can damage them.   

When trees grow close to your home, they present a risk. Depending on the height of the tree, branches might hang over the top of a porch, detached garage, or walkway.  

Large limbs can themselves be the size of small trees. If they fall, they can cause significant property damage. Additionally, a falling limb can result in serious injury or worse. 

It’s essential to contact a tree service if you notice damage or disease in any large trees on your property. Whether oak tree or something more ornamental, they can pose a problem.  

However, proper removal is critical to the health of your tree. Pruning should be done in a way that maintains the tree’s structure. This helps mitigate the risk of diseased and damaged limbs in the future. 

Our certified arborists can safely remove problematic limbs from any type of tree without damaging it.  

Dead Tree removal

Dead trees are not only eye sores; they can also be dangerous. Dead trees decay, making them a buffet for wood-boring pests. Termites and carpenter ants multiply quickly. Consequently, timely removal of dead and decaying trees helps prevent these pests from infesting other parts of your property. 

Rodents are also attracted to dead trees. Decaying wood provides both nesting material and shelter to mice and rats. Eventually, they will come looking for food. If the dead tree is near your house, the rodents will likely end up inside it. 

If a dead tree is allowed to decay and fall over on its own, it can damage nearby landscaping. Cars, fences, and structures on your property or your neighbor’s are also at risk.   

Dead trees present a danger to people and pets. Removing them in a timely manner helps keep your family and your property safe.  


The Atlanta area has the highest percentage of overall urban tree canopy in the nation. We’re also no stranger to strong storms. Storms produce a large amount of rain and often bring high winds. 

That combination inevitably leads to leaning and fallen trees.  

When a tree falls, it can block roads and driveways. This is more than a simply inconvenience. If emergency services are unable to access a property, it can put health and lives at stake.  

Additionally, felled trees may land on power lines, disrupting service for hours or even days. They can also damage property.   

If you have an emergency tree situation, our crew can safely remove a leaning tree before it has a chance to cause harm. We can also remove trees that have already fallen.  

This helps free up access so that you can undertake any necessary repairs, contact your insurance company, and get back to normal life as soon as possible.   


 Overgrown shrubs are often a problem in mature landscapes. Many homeowners fail to realize how large a shrub will get over time, and plant it too close to the house. This can trap moisture and deteriorate wood siding. Damp wood is also the number one conducive condition for termite infestations. 

Large shrubs can obscure windows. Not only does this block light, it’s also a safety consideration. Overgrown plant life suggests a home isn’t cared for, which creates security risks.  

Criminals are more likely to target properties that don’t appear maintained and protected. Moreover, large shrubs close to the house give trespassers a place to hide. 

Even smaller varieties of shrubs can become unmanageable if they haven’t been properly maintained. Pruning allows light and air to penetrate. This encourages both healthy foliage and blooming. When that hasn’t been done, shrubs become “leggy,” unhealthy and unattractive. 

And like all living things, shrubs eventually die.   

If you have dead or overgrown shrubs on your property, our expert crew can remove them safely, without damaging nearby landscaping. We can also install new shrubs. Our maintenance services help ensure they stay healthy and manageable.  


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Tree Stump Removal

After a large tree has been removed, property owners are left with the question of what to do with the stump. Stumps are unsightly. If left in the ground, they begin the process of slow decay.  

Like decaying trees, they attract pests such as carpenter ants and termites. Making a home in the stump, these pests can multiply and spread. This puts nearby trees and structures at risk of future damage.   

Stumps can also impede lawn maintenance, becoming a nuisance over time. If you want to add a replacement tree to your landscape, the stump can make planting impossible.  

Removing the stump eliminates the associated problems.  

Stump grinding is the recommended method for tree stump removal. It starts the process of decay for the removed tree’s root system.  This ensures that new growth doesn’t occur.  

Additionally, wood chipping creates mulch. That leftover mulch can be incorporated into compost piles or used in low-lying or wooded areas. Just make sure not to place fresh mulch in flower beds, as it can deplete the soil of nitrogen.  

The Creech Landscape Difference

If you’re in need of tree removal services, Creech Landscape is the tree removal company you can trust. We are licensed and insured experts in tree care. Contact us to schedule a consultation, or for any of your North Atlanta landscaping needs.  

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