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The Importance of Regular Lawn Maintenance

Creech Landscape offers a comprehensive lawn mowing service in Alpharetta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Milton, Suwanee and all of North Atlanta.   

Your lawn is more than just grass.  It’s part of the façade by which your home’s appeal is judged. It’s also where memories are made. From games of badminton or catch with the kids to neighborhood social events. Your lawn plays a big role in the quality of your outdoor living, so you want it to look its best.  

Creech Landscape’s crews adhere to the highest mowing standards. Our rotary lawn mower blades are mulching blades, which put nitrogen back into the soil. For optimum lawn health and beauty, we offer reel mowers which clip like scissors. By using the right techniques and the right equipment, our lawn care and maintenance service delivers high-end results. 

Lawn Mowing Service Lawn with landscape drainage system

Boost Your Front Yard Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the biggest benefits of a regular lawn maintenance routine. Healthy, freshly cut grass provides a uniform and attractive appearance. It helps your property to appear cared for. That makes it a visual signifier of your property’s condition as a whole.   

In fact, well maintained landscaping has a big impact on your home’s first impression. That not only affects curb appeal, but also resale value. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, professional quality landscaping can add 15-20% to your property value.  

Additionally, keeping your grass mowed can help keep you in compliance with your HOA. Most homeowner associations have strict guidelines regarding weed control and acceptable grass growing height. HOAs can fine any homeowner who violates a covenant or rule, including those governing lawn maintenance. Sometimes, those fines can accrue on a daily basis.  

Hiring a lawn care professional such as Creech Landscape can ensure your property stays looking its best. This not only saves you potential HOA hassle but can also bring significant ROI in the long run.  

Does Cutting Grass Help It Grow?

Proper mowing is actually one of the best ways to ensure a healthy lawn. Grass growth is dependent on the balance between the size of the root system and the length of the blades. Proper balance creates healthy grass plants that can handle stress from heat, drought, and disease. The tip of each blade of grass contains hormones that suppress horizontal growth. Mowing removes these tips, causing grass to spread out and become thicker near the surface. That’s because grass utilizes photosynthesis to grow.   

Lawn Mowing Service warm season grasses

By reducing the surface area on the blades, grass is forced to grow thicker blades or send out runners. This results in a lush, intertwined layer of turf. Determining the correct mowing height is important for lawn health. Regularly cutting grass length by up to one-third during the growing season helps maintain vigorous growth.   

Mulching blades, such as those used by the Creech Landscaping crews, are an environmentally friendly way to manage lawn cuttings. Grass clippings release nitrogen and other micronutrients back into the soil as they decompose. That means fewer fertilizer treatments for your lawn.  

Benefits of a Reel Lawn Mowing Service

For optimal lawn health, Creech Landscape also offers a reel lawn mowing service. Many homeowners in the Atlanta area favor warm season grasses such as Bermuda and zoysia for their lawns. These grasses have a coarse texture and benefit from close cuts. That makes them the perfect candidate for reel mowing.   

Reel mower blades operate like scissors. Sharp blades spin on a central axle, creating an updraft that pulls grass blades upward. Reel mower blades cut the blades of grass, leaving a cleaner precision cut.    

Not only does this prevent scalping, but it also reduces soil compaction. In other words, the evenly distributed weight of the reel mower doesn’t exert as much pressure on the soil. This helps avoid thatch, resulting in healthier turf. It also eliminates wheel marks from heavy equipment, creating a smoother and more attractive lawn surface.  

The Creech Landscape lawn mowing service helps keep your lawn looking its healthy best. Our crews understand that great customer service is more than just providing care for your lawn. We give professional attention to even the smallest detail, ensuring you’ll be satisfied that your landscape enhances your home.  

The Creech Landscape Difference

If you have questions about our lawn care services, or would like a custom quote, CONTACT US. We pride ourselves on being the North Atlanta lawn care company you can trust.

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