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Things to Do This February

Those that have our Turf Program, we will be treating the turf with a pre-emergent at the end of Feb beginning of March to control the spring and summer weeds .  Those of you who have requested, we will be fertilizing the shrubs and trees and applying Horticultural Oil.  It is not too late to call but we do only have a few weeks as we can’t fertilize the azaleas during blooming.

Spring is an excellent time for aeration call me if you would like to be placed on the schedule.  We will start aeration when we are 50% green.  We will be completing the winter clean-up, pruning of Crape Myrtles and roses.  Later in the month and beginning of March, we will be scalping the turf.

Call if you would like to receive a grub treatment for the turf in March, this will reduce Japanese Beatles.   We can still apply the Horticultural Oil to the shrubs.  This will control scale and kill insect larva on the plants

‘Bill Wallace’ dwarf Loropetalum

Any Dogwood

Now is a good time to put down pine straw and mulch as Spring is just round the corner.  Call me for any spring projects.

Landscape Trivia:  Did you know the color of a rose has meanings.  Red: Love & Respect.  Deep Pink: Gratitude, Appreciation.  Light Pink: Admiration, Sympathy.  White: Reverence, Humility.  Yellow: Joy, Gladness.  Orange: Enthusiasm, Desire.  Red &Yellow Blend: Gaiety, Joviality.  Pale Blended Tones: Sociability, Friendship

Don’t forget “Valentines Day” it is a good time to give live plants that can be planted outdoors.  Remember those that you love.

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