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Why Choose a Professional Insured Landscape Company

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Thinking about landscaping ideas for your outdoor spaces is an exciting thing to do. But turning these ideas into a reality can be tasking. This is where hiring a reputable professional landscape company comes in.

This article dives into understanding the benefits of choosing a professional and insured landscaping company. Additionally, we will highlight two insurance policies you should request before awarding a landscape contractor your project. Let’s begin!

Benefits of Choosing a Professional Insured Landscaping Company

While there are thousands of landscaping companies in Georgia, not all are trusted and insured. Below are important reasons why you should hire a professional, insured contractor for your landscape project.

1. For Protection Against Possible Accidents and Injuries on Job Site

Hiring a contractor for your landscaping project is indeed a great step towards achieving your landscaping dreams. However, you must understand that every construction project involves risks. Accidents may occur, leading to injured technicians on the job site.

Therefore, planning ahead for these liabilities before your project begins would be helpful. You can do this by choosing an insured landscaping company to avoid incurring more costs than you budgeted.

An insured contractor would have workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance provides healthcare and cash benefits for workers injured while working on a job site.

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2. For Safeguarding Your Landscape Investments

Financial commitments come with all landscape projects, no matter how small. The money spent represents an investment on your part to actualize your landscape dreams. So, you must take steps to protect your investment from the get-go.

Another important insurance any contractor working on your home should carry is liability insurance. While an experienced contractor will take every precaution, the reality is, accidents can happen. Professional liability insurance will cover any accidents the fault of the contractor. Without these policies, payment and liability fall on the homeowner.

Insurance Policies You Should Request Before Awarding A Landscape Project

The following are two of the most important insurance policies a landscape contractor must have. If they did not have this insurance, any claims would fall under the homeowner’s policies.

1. General Liability Insurance

General liability coverage includes substandard jobs by under-qualified contractors and claims of bodily injuries or property damage during a construction project. Not all contractors require general liability insurance. That’s why you must request general liability before awarding your landscape project to any contractor. You’ll want to find know what the policy covers, what the limits and exclusions are and details around the claims process.

Depending on the state, different states require different policies. The insurance company covers the cost of damages, injuries, and so on. The landscaping service contract includes this crucial information.

2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In some capacity, all businesses have some kind of workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance protects both the worker and the business. For landscaping businesses, it covers the medical bills of injured technicians while working.

Although every state requires occupational safety standards, sometimes there are discrepancies between some landscaping companies. Be sure to ask during your evaluation.

You must request workers’ compensation insurance before awarding a contractor your landscape project. This will prevent you from being liable for medical bills in the event of an accident on your property. Request the insurance carrier and policy number, maximum amount of coverage, and what the timeline for receiving benefits.

Insured landscaping companies are more likely to have standardized and documented safety programs to reduce claims. To enforce the implementation of these programs, insurance providers offer incentives with discounts on premiums.

Important Pieces of a Professional Landscape Company

1. Safety Program

Many landscape companies use heavy machinery, trucks, and loading equipment for every day use. Using these kinds of materials increases the chances of risks and injuries on the job. Enforcing a structured safety program minimizes accidents and insurance costs. Secondly, a safety program shows the professionalism of the company as well as their accountability to their employees. Clients do not want to work with a company who overlooks the needs of their team members. Legally, companies who have safe practices want to maintain Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant which ensures safe conditions for workers.

2. Training Program

team training

Good quality training is the backbone of a successful company. Placing a detailed and methodical training program increases efficiency and expertise of each individual in the workplace. While employees may come in with their own skillsets, each company is different in terms of their workflow and fucntionality.

Some training programs require a new or existing employee to partake in a certain number of hours of an online training program. The information could be considered an introductory course for new hires. As opposed to other courses introducing new machinery or new programs.

When it comes to training programs, appealing to different types of learning styles shows attention and awareness of how people absorb new information. In saying this, incorporating different kinds of programs makes training more interesting and different.

3. Landscaping Warranty

Upon completion, landscape development can take a turn for the worst if there are problems with the project leading to customer dissatisfaction. The misunderstanding between client, property manager, or other personnel leads into the conversation about landscape warranty.

As known, a warranty is an obligation generated by a seller of goods or services. So, if those services are incorrect or dysfuctional, the client is entilted to a return. While this may be true for products, how does this differ for services such as landscaping?

The exchange between client and contractor includes a contractual agreement. If a client does not pay attention to the statements listed, they could be liable for unspecified reasons.

This is where insurance is vital for both the homeowner and the company. A professional company should stand by their work and take responsibility if a project lacks completion has mistakes.

Tips to Ensure Coverage

1. Research landscapers by checking online reviews and requesting references.

2. Request proof of insurance and coverage detailing.

3. Get a written estimate to include scope of work, timeline, cost and insurance coverage.

4. Check for professional licensing and certifications from valid source.

5. Compare quotes from multiple landscapers.

Do your homework when selecting a landscape service. This prevents any personal financial loss from trusting a poorly operated company. Considering an outdoor landscaping project? Protect your investment and contact licensed and insured experts at Creech Landscape.

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